Spider Send's Terms & Conditions

Description of our services:
  • Users of Spider Send can upload any file they want to share to our website after which, they will receive a download link for it.
  • The download link received from (1) can be shared or sent to anyone anywhere in the world. Using this download link, others can download the file in (1).
  • Depending on the membership package selected, the files downloaded on our server will only have a limited life span after which they will be removed and can not be recovered.
  • Files uploaded on to Spider Send can only be downloaded by users who have the download link. There's also no search functionality on Spider Send so your files will stay confidential
  • Spider Send however, does not accept any responsibility for who downloads which file. There is also a password protect option where you can set a password to be required on downloads
  • Spider Send is not responsible for any illegal or copyrighted material that has been uploaded. However, if we are notified by any one that a file should not be downloaded, it will be removed immediately

Upload Rules:

The following rules apply to all paid or free uploads:
  • Users of our site can upload any file they would like to share
  • The shared files can be in any format
  • However, users are responsible for making sure the files they upload are legal and permitted to be shared
  • Any file that is reported as illegal by a site user will be examined and removed immediately
  • If a file is found to be illegal, the account that is responsible for that upload will be suspended, cancelled or penalized (There will not be any refund issued in these cases)
  • Some examples of illegal files are:
    • child pornography
    • copyrighted material
    • racisim or hate-crimes
  • Uploaded files will have a certain life on our servers depending on the membership package used to upload them. Once a file is removed, we will not be able to recover it in any case
  • In most cases, a user will have the option to extend the expiry date of a file and this must be done at least one (1) hour before the file is expired
  • Spider Send recommends that all users keep a copy of the file they uploaded on their own computer. In the event of a hardware or software failure where a file is lost, Spider Send will issue a refund, credit or another form of compensation, but cannot be held responsible for the lost file

Paid Membership Rules:

The following rules apply to all paid membership packages:
  • Any subscription/membership may be cancelled at any time as requested by the user from "My Account" page
  • PayPal subscriptions can also be cancelled at any time directly from PayPal's website
  • Any cancellation will incur a charge of $2.95 to $5.95 depending on the time left and the membership package
  • Once a subscription is cancelled, any outstanding balance from that subscription, minus the cancellation fee above, can be refunded to the user or added as credit to the user's account
  • Membership packages will be renewed automatically unless the membership has been cancelled by the user before the expiry date
  • Spider Send will NOT sell or share information used in the registration for this site with any third party company
  • All paid membership packages will allow the user to view statistics on their upload and downloads and these stats will never be lost even if you choose to become a free member
  • Any user can and will have an account balance in which they can deposit money and use it for any pay-per-use option or functionality. This balance is refundable at any time as requested by the user