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Spider Send is a great way to send files (small or large) to anyone, anywhere, fast and secure! You can send the file to one person or 200 people all at a single click of a mouse. You can send large files under 100MB for free and as many times as you like. For any larger file, we
have one of the cheapest paid file transfer rates in the world.

To see more details on our file transfer rates and file limitations, please visit our register page.

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You can try Spider Send for free using the form above. You're allowed to send large files under 20MB to up to 10 people. The free files will be removed from our server after 3 days. You're allowed to send up to 3 free files per 24-hour period for a total of 15 files per 30-day period. If you need to send more files, just sign up for our free file transfer account.