Receiving large files has never been easier before

Drop Box is a great way to let your customers send you their files. You will put this link on your website where you need your customers to send you large files. Having a simple html file upload is not very user friendly and it fails quiet often for large files. You can use Spider Send's Drop Box service and have a piece of mind. Give your users a great visual upload experience. Once the files are uploaded, you will receive an email notification letting you know about the file that was just uploaded and you can download it straight from your email.

Spider Send's Drop Box technology could also be implemented right on your own website. For a one time setup fee of $49.99, one of our technical staff will help you build a custiomized version of our drop box to be placed right on your own website using your own template (monthly fees are the same as regular Drop Box).

Below is an example of Drop Box hosted at Spider Send for SIA Web Design:

Welcome to SIA Web Design's Drop Box

Please use the form below to send files directly to SIA Web Design

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